16 September 2012

Perjury Against the Former Son-in-Law

Date: Thursday, February 11, 1904  

Paper: Colorado Springs Gazette (Colorado Springs, CO)-obtained on 

We've discussed Philip Troutfetter quite a bit here--he led a colorful life. 

The Colorado charges against Philip Troutfetter were part of what caused nationwide search for him and led to his eventual arrest in Boston, MA. Troutfetter's ties to an individual involved in  $100,000 of stamp fraud probably didn't hurt either. The only charges that really stuck to Philip, however, were the embezzlement charges stemming from this investment in Colorado which involved Mrs.Baker. Troutfetter was never found to have been involved in the stamp fraud--which took place in Cuba no less--and was never brought up on any charges related to the stamp fraud. 

This 1904 newspaper clipping indicates that Mrs. Emiline Baker was charged of committing perjury against Troutfetter. The article goes on to indicate that the charges were dropped--as the money actually belonged to Baker's husband. Newspaper accounts are not necessarily correct and there would be more detail in the court record. However, it seems reasonable that the newspaper got it correct that the charges were dropped. 

Troutfetter was married to the Baker's daughter for a short time--which probably didn't help this situation any either. Financial dealings with the in-laws probably weren't a smart move by Troutfetter.

We've blogged about Troutfetter and the stamp business before, but maybe it's time for a follow up post. 

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