24 September 2012

Ruth aka Nebo

Some mistakes I understand. Others, I do not. This is one that falls into the latter category.

I was unaware that my grandmother's sister, Ruth Habben attended Western Illinois State Normal School (today Western Illinois University) in the mid-1930s. I know she did not graduate and I'm assuming the financial necessities of the Great Depression were to blame.

She appears in the 1934 yearbook, the Sequel--apparently the only year she attended. Her name is in the index at the back of the yearbook. For reasons that elude me, Ancestry.com indexed her first name as "Nebo."

Yes, Nebo.

I'm not certain how this error came to be. The letters are easy to read as evidenced by the image of the index which is also included in this blog post. The first image comes from the "summary" of the item on Ancestry.com's site

Aunt Ruth's picture appears on page 65 of the 1934 Sequel as shown in this image. She is in the back row, second from left, appearing with the "class of 1937." I probably could have picked her out--she "looks like a Habben" as they say.

These images were obtained from the database of "U. S. School Yearbooks" on Ancestry.com.