23 August 2012

Wanted by Two Women

I have always loved this headline from the Denver Post which I obtained on Genealogybank. Headlines are meant to sell papers and generate attention. This one certainly does that.

The headline comes from a 6 May 1898 in the Denver Post (page 6--obtained on Genealogybank's website).  article on Philip A. Troutfetter, whom I've written about before. Trautvetter was something of a world traveler--he was in Cuba and Columbia during the 1890-1900 time frame. This headline only refers to his romantic entanglements. He was also involved in a few other activities which nearly resulted in jail time.

Philip was arrested in Boston. We've posted on him before as I've located things, but I've never written a chronology of his exploits and newspaper references.

We'll work up a few more references to Philip from Genealogybank and post them here in a more organized form than we've done before. He was also investigated by the United States Post Office and a report of that investigation was used for a Casefile Clues article a year or so ago.