21 September 2012

Henry Goldenstein in 1910

In an attempt to locate a little more about Henry Goldenstein who died under unusual circumstances in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1921, I came across his 1910 census entry in Arkansas. I'm thankful  Ancestry.com indexed it correctly as it is not easy to read. Kudos to them for indexing this item correctly.

Year: 1910; Census Place:  Stuttgart Ward 1Arkansas Arkansas; NARA series T624--roll 43; Page: 6A; Enumeration District:  0006;
The individuals are listed as John L. and Henry Goldenstein, aged 22 and 18 years old respectively.  The Nebraska natives are living in Stuttgart, Arkansas. John is listed as a driller on the irrigation wells and Henry is listed as working as a laborer on the wells. I'm not certain how long the Goldensteins stayed in Arkansas as this is the only census that locates them in this state. I'm not going to bother with any type of employment records as I doubt there are any, I don't know who they worked for, and these two are fairly well-documented already. They are both in Adams County, Illinois, in the 1920 census having returned to where their family was from and where their mother was still living.

The Arkansas connection was not really a surprise for this family, but I was not expecting to find these two sons living there in 1910. In all honesty I had never bothered to locate the brothers in 1910. I had found their parents, Frank/Foche and Anna Goldenstein in Adams County, Illinois (with the brothers not listed), and had just assumed they were working as farm hands or something in immediate area. Frank Goldenstein did own "rice land" in the Stuttgart area and another son, Bernard, farmed the Arkansas land and died there during the 1918 flu epidemic. I am not certain when Foche purchased the land near Stuttgart, but he did own it at his death in 1913. I'll have to conduct more comprehensive searches for Bernard--but when this was located, I was trying to get a little more background on Henry.

The Arkansas connection must have been a little bit stronger than I thought. Something else to pursue when I am stuck on Henry's murder in Kansas City.