05 September 2012

William Trautvetter Robbed in the 1930s

One just never knows what information is lurking in newspapers. This clipping indicates that my relative was robbed in his store in Chicago. 

Register-Republic (Rockford, IL)  Friday, February 26, 1932 --obtained on  Genealogybank 
There is no mentioned of when this robbery took place, but apparently my great-grandfather's first cousin William Trautvetter was robbed in Chicago sometime before this February of 1932 newspaper clipping which I recently discovered  on Genealogybank.  The article goes on to say that Parker is the nephew of a South Dakota judge.

I'll have to do some additional searching to see what else I can turn up about this incident.  I already know that Trautvetter owned his own pharmacy in Chicago. The census will confirm his occupation and city directories may tell me where the store he owned was actually located.