25 September 2012

A Drugstore is Bombed

One just never knows what one will discover when researching the Trautvetter family. Apparently my relative's drug store was bombed in Chicago in the 1930s according to this article. 

Date: Wednesday, March 9, 1932  

Paper: Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE) 

obtained on  Genealogybank.com
It's not every day one encounters a bombing in their research. I've been doing a little research on a robbery that took place at William G. Trautvetter's drugstore in Chicago in the 1930s and came across this little gem.

I'm thinking about looking for the criminal court records and additional newspaper accounts of both this bombing, the robbery, and Trautvetter's testimony.

Stay tuned, one never knows what one will find in the newspapers--either on Genealogybank.com or elsewhere. And, of course, newspaper accounts lead to research in other materials as well.