18 September 2012

Missing a Mrs. on the Marriage

Date: Saturday, January 13, 1849  

Paper: Rockford Free Press (Rockford, IL) 

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I knew about this marriage already, but came across it when trying to locate materials on Clark Sargent, Mary's husband.  This piece was found on Genealogybank.com by keyword search for "rockton" and "sargent" in Illinois newspapers in the 1840-1855 time frame. The hope had been to find a reference to Clark Sargent (who lived in the Rockton area) that did not mention his first name. No such luck.

However there was this marriage reference to his widow, Mary. She is incorrectly referred to as "Miss Mary Sargent." The marriage is indicated as having taken place in the Prairie Precinct. This is a more precise location than the marriage record gives and hopefully it is more accurate than Mary's status as "Miss." The marriage license and marriage register entry does not provide a location of the marriage other than to indicate it took place in Winnebago County.