11 September 2012

Sledd Slave Articles

Last night's post on the 1811 "Sledd Slave Incident" got me searching  on  Genealogybank for additional references to the incident besides the one I had first stumbled upon. 

A search for keywords "sledd bedford slave" in 1811
 on  Genealogybank located only four references as shown:
It appeared that these articles were pretty much "copy and paste"  jobs from the original article. I'm not certain what was the "original" article (Genealogybank doesn't have everything), but the earliest one on Genealogybank was from 21 January 1811. I need to obtain newspapers closer to Lynchburg during this time period to hopefully obtain more information.

Date: Monday, January 21, 1811  

Paper: Commercial Advertiser (New York, NY) obtained on  Genealogybank  

In thinking of places to help me determine just exactly what Sledd this was, there might be court records (particularly criminal) against him or his name may be mentioned in the estate records of Henry Davies as  Sledd was renting the slave from the Davies estate.