22 September 2012

Newspaper Mentions 1943 Will

Date: Friday, January 1, 1943  

Paper: Morning Star (Rockford, IL) 

obtained on  Genealogybank.com  
I'm still working on the C. A. Liddle who worked as an executive for the Pullman Car Company and who might have had a connection to a Frame family that I'm working on in Chicago. We won't repeat that possible connection here.

In an attempt to make the connection between Liddle and the Frames, I'm trying to trace Liddle's family back a few generations. This item was one item that I came across while doing those searches. Liddle is mentioned in this will and he has no biological connection to Murphy, so this will won't help me in my search. Murphy had a sizeable estate and, if I did not know where Liddle was residing in the 1943 era, the records of Murphy's estate would mention that.

Even smaller wills are mentioned in newspapers during this era and those references sometimes mention property and bequests, etc. If your ancestor's will cannot be found, searching for a possible newspaper mention may be worth your while.