06 September 2012

A Quincy Wedding Mentioned in Springfield.

Daily Illinois State Journal (Springfield, IL)-  May 2, 1905 , obtained  on  Genealogybank  
I'm not certain why this was in the Springfield, Illinois, newspaper, but it was. Quite a distance from where the couple lived and where they were married.

The Krogs were married in Adams County, Illinois, and that's where Catherine's family was from. I'm not certain where Herman's family is from or where he lived as Catherine is my connection to this couple.

It just goes to show that a person never knows what newspaper will contain something you need, particularly if one member of the family is not a relative and you don't know too much about them.

Catherine's first name was actually Trientje and she also went by Tena. Catherine/Katherine is an actual translation of Trientje.

The Kroggs ended up in Peoria, Illinois.