11 September 2012

Murder or Suicide in Kansas City

Date: Sunday, July 31, 1921  

Paper: Morning Star (Rockford, IL)

  obtained on  Genealogybank  

My great-grandmother's brother Henry Goldenstein died in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1921. Whether it was a murder or a suicide depends upon whom you believe. The family believed he was murdered as evidenced by this newspaper article from the Rockford, Illinois, Morning Star. Some years ago I had a researcher attempt to find the coroner's files from Adams County, Illinois, but they could not be located. 

I've done some preliminary research on Henry before but never really completed it. His death certificate indicates he died of suicide. 

There is one more item on Henry on  Genealogybank and I'll also see if Ancestry.com has any papers that might help. This is a good situation where answers to my questions may be in records that are not available online.