16 September 2012

1903 Reference to the Dropped Troutfetter Case

Date: Friday, July 17, 1903  

Paper: Denver Post (Denver, CO)


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This 17 July 1903 clipping from the Denver Post indicates that the case against Phil Troutfetter was dropped. However the clipping states, in part: "lack of convicting evidence against the accused, District Attorney Trowbridge in the district court late yesterday afternoon asked that the case against Phil Troutfetter alleged with embezzling money from Mrs. Emiline Baker was dismissed." The use of the phrases "asked that" and "was" is a little confusing.

I recently blogged about an 11 February 1904 article from the Colorado Spring Gazette that indicates Emilene Baker was charged with perjury.

This may be a good time when seeing the actual court records are in order. It also makes a good point about the importance of putting things into a chronology...and that newspapers might always get everything correct.

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