07 September 2012

Spanish Language Article on a Kansas Murder

Prensa (San Antonio, TX)- Thursday, January 29, 1931  obtained  on  Genealogybank
It is not often I come across articles in Spanish when working on  my research. This is part of one of the articles I located when searching for John Siebels--a relative who was murdered in Tyro, Kansas, in 1930. My Spanish is a little rusty, but I'm hoping that typing this into http://translate.google.com might give me a good idea of the intent. The text should be recent enough that the translator will be accurate. It also helps that the newspaper is typed.

Note that the last name is spelled Seibel. Took me a little while to find this because of that variance. Those who know Soundex, know that Seibel and Seibels are not Soundex-equivalent. Wild card searches might also have helped in this case as well. Some sites do not allow wildcards to be used as soon in the word as others so be certain to read the frequently asked questions page for additional information.

I blogged about Siebels several years ago, but have decided to take another look at the incident. The murder was devastating to his family. His mother, Marie (Habben) Siebels, was a first cousin to my great-grandfather.

This item was located  on  Genealogybank.