21 September 2012

Is This Ft. Worth Ben Goldenstein My Ben?

Date: Saturday, November 7, 1914  

Paper: Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX)--obtained on  Genealogybank.com   

Unusual names are great in that there aren't many of them. Sometimes they can be a nuisance as it's tempting to research everyone with that name in the hopes that it is the person for whom you are looking.

This divorce entry from the 1914 Fort Worth Star-Telegram contains a reference to Ben Goldenstein. I came across it while trying to find an obituary on Genealogybank.com. An obituary was not located for him, but this reference came up.

The question is: "is this the Bernard/Ben Goldenstein for whom I am looking" or is it another one? I could order the divorce record and that might clear up the problem--or it might not. Before I go to that expense, I should compare this Ben with the one I am researching. There are a few things I could do:

Try and locate this Ben in Ft. Worth city directories and census records.
Try and locate a World War I draft card for this Ben.

I already have my Ben's World War I Draft card along with some other information on him. The best way to see if the Ft.Worth Ben could be mine is to research the Ft. Worth Ben and see if I locate information on him that seriously conflicts with what I know on my Ben. Conflicts would include:

  • Having a date/place of birth significantly different from mine.
  • Dying before mine did.
  • Being in two places at once.
Stay tuned....