07 September 2012

Could a City Directory Give You A Church Language Clue?

While using the U. S. City Directories (1821-1989) at Ancestry.com and searching for the list of abbreviations for their 1926 directory, I came across a listing of churches that could potentially give people some good clues besides just the name, address and minister of the church.

1926 Peoria, Illinois City Directory, p. 17, Leshnick Directory Company, obtained digitally on Ancestry.com in their  U. S. City Directories (1821-1989)   
Salem Lutheran church had services in Swedish and Zion had services in German. This could be clues if you know or someone remembers that Grandma attended a Lutheran church in the Peoria area that had German language services, it might have been Zion church.

Just one more place to get a potential clue.

[reminder--Our citations are not in the spirit of Evidence Explained on our blog. That's saved for the newsletter-Casefile Clues. There is always enough information though that the discerning researcher can find what we've used if they need to see it themselves.]