12 September 2012

Missouri Death Certificate Says 1921 Death a Suicide

This is the top part of the death certificate for Henry Goldenstein who was found dead in a Kansas City hotel room in July of 1921. The cause of death is listed on the death certificate as "suicide-Fire Arm." 

There was no autopsy in Kansas City, according to the death certificate which was completed by the deputy coroner, H. E. Moss. Goldenstein's body was taken back to Golden, Illinois, where he was from, for burial. The date of burial was (according to the death certificate) 9 July 1921. Our earlier blog post indicated that an autopsy had been performed on Goldenstein back in Adams County, Illinois--where Golden is located. A newspaper account of 30 July references that autopsy. 

Which brings about the question-when was the burial in relationship to the Adams County, Illinois, autopsy? I've used newspapers  on  Genealogybank to find some material on Goldenstein, but I'm needing local papers for the Adams County area which may shed additional details--particularly those for Quincy (the county seat) or Golden.