12 December 2012

What We Write About At Rootdig.com

Every so often, I get to thinking about how I can generate more readers for this blog so that our readership can approach those of other genealogy blogs and so that the ads I have can help sustain the blog a little better. Popularity should be my over-riding goal and generating ever-increasing amounts of traffic should be my prime directive.

Then I return  to my senses and remember a few things about me, my research and why I write.

I used to write about genealogy software, how to use it, how to manipulate results with it, etc. While I still do that in my own research, writing about it bores me and if it bores me to write about it, it will bore readers to read what I write about it.

I am not interested in writing about how to use gadgets, how to get more readers for your genealogy blog, how to make money off your genealogy blog, how to promote yourself on "genealogy social media," etc. Urgh.

I don't want to write about what is "new" simply because it is new and to tell readers to use something just because it is new. I'm not opposed to learning and I'm not opposed to things that are new, but learning how to use every new thing takes time away from research. And I'm a firm believer in using "new" things judiciously not recklessly.

I don't want to write about what everyone else is writing about simply because everyone else is writing about it.

I don't "get" writing prompts, memes, or any of those other gimmicks to generate content or writing ideas. When one does research on a regular basis, ideas for writing will come if one is a writer worth their salt. It really is that simple.

So if that's what I'm not writing about, what am I writing about?

Research--but only research that I've actually done myself. My children have ancestors in a variety of locations so I'm never at a loss for content. I don't always necessarily agree with terms or definitions of other professionals, and I don't always think the vendors and data providers are perfect. They don't send me press releases any more (at least most don't) because I don't run them. Period.

That's really all we write about here--the research. How things are found, how they are interpreted, where I should go next, and what frustrated me along the way. We provide enough information to find what I've found, but this blog does not focus on technically correct citations. Those who want that can read Casefile Clues. This blog concentrates on research in the trenches, provides enough citation that the engaged attentive reader can "find it for themselves," and does not give one whit about the "citation police" (let them come knocking--but they  better bring their search warrant).

That's enough.

We'll leave the other stuff to the others. It's about the research that matters and I've got lots of stories about my forebears yet to uncover.

And if we never have huge numbers of followers, fans, and readers--well that's all right with me.

Back to work!

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