19 December 2012

Appointments of U. S. Postmasters, 1832-1971

National Archives Microfilm Publication M841, roll 27, Adams-Douglas Counties, Illinois. Entries for Adams County, Illinois, page 2.

Ancestry.com recently released (or updated) Appointments of U. S. Postmasters, 1832-1971. A partial image is shown here for appointments from Adams County, Illinois in the 1860s.

This entry for Libby U. Albers indicated he was appointed the postmaster of Keokuk Junction on 12 June 1863 and that Wm.O'Hara Sr was appointed on 7 October 1865.

It may seem that this entry does not provide me with much information. That is not really true as there are details about Libby [actually Lubbe]. It does tell me that Lubbe was living in Adams County, Illinois during the 1863-1865 time period in the vicinity of Keokuk Junction. Depending upon the situation, these dates and location could be a clue. In this situation, it may help me estimate when Lubbe emigrated to the United States, given his appointment date of 12 June 1863. And there most likely was a minimum age to have been appointed postmaster as well.

If I am unaware of where "Keokuk Junction" is located, I need to find that as well.

Like most records, how helpful something is really depends upon what other records have told you about the person.

In this case, I need to go see if I have Lubbe in the 1865 Illinois census as he's likely listed in that record as well.