06 December 2012

James Fecht Was Not a Casualty--Read the Whole Page

U.S., Navy Casualties Books, 1776-1941. Combat Naval Casualties, World War II, (AL-MO), "wounded" section, page  71; digital image,  Ancestry.com    (http://www.ancestry.com), 6 December 2012
This is the entry for James Henry Fecht from "Combat Naval Casualties" which appears on Ancestry.com .  One might be tempted to think he was reported as deceased (given the title of the database), but he is listed in the "wounded" section--which is clearly indicated on the page heading which has not been included in this post.

And "casualty" does not necessarily mean deceased.

Reading the whole page is always a good idea--as is making certain you know the meaning of all the words being used.