07 December 2012

Thanks to Those Who Ask

Those of us who generate online content become understandably frustrated when our material is copied by others without our permission and presented as if the "copier" created it themselves. 

It's illegal, unethical, and just downright lazy. It also makes me wonder "didn't your Mother raise you better than that?" Maybe she did and as an adult, you simply chose the easiest path.

This message is for those people who ASK permission BEFORE before they use content and material that they did not create.

This message is for those people who give CREDIT when they use someone that someone else took the time and energy to create.

This message is for those people whose father apparently would have "whipped their butt from here to Sunday" if they had stolen something that "weren't theirs." Consequently they don't take what they didn't create.

Thank you!

A great big THANK YOU from me and all the other "content creators" out there who truly appreciate it when you take the time to ask permission and to give credit. 

It is appreciated.