15 December 2012

The Trask Stones at Norwood Cemetery, Mercer County, Illinois

These pictures were taken in the summer of 2005 at the Norwood Cemetery in Mercer County, Illinois' Suez Township. GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 41.08908, Longitude: -90.62970

No attempt was made to enhance the transcription on the stone and the stone was not moved in any way. In fact, the stone was not touched during our photography session. Please request permission before using these pictures in any publication or website.

An overview of the area showing the relative location of the stone. The Norwood Presbyterian Church is in the background. We are facing east and the road on the right follows the south side of the cemetery.

It is possible in this picture to see the two stones that have been placed along the bottom of the Trask stone. The "book" can be seen on the top of the trask stone. The footstone to the right of the Trask stone (and slightly in front of it) reads "Mother."

Another picture showing the relative position of the stones. This one is taken facing a generally north east direction, headed more east than north.
This is one shot of the Andrew and Lucinda Trask stone.

The inscription:

Andrew Trask
Dec. 7, 1885
Aged 72 years

wife of
Andrew Trask
Sept. 5, 1861
[30?] Yrs.7 Mos.
25 Days

[illegible inscription at the bottom underneath the age of Lucinda. ]


Picture of book on top of tombstone.

Footstone with "Mother" as the inscription.

Broken stone laying next to stone with

"A. T. "

as the inscription

Pictures are (c) 2005 Michael John Neill
My wife is a great-great-great-granddaughter of Andrew and Lucinda (Ramsey) Trask.