12 December 2012

Share Rootdig With Your Fellow Genealogists

Do you find Rootdig.com blog posts and emails helpful in your research?

If so, please spread the word to your fellow genealogists. There's not a charge to subscribe to the Rootdig.com blog either in your Google reader or via the email option (on the right hand side of any of our blog pages--http://rootdig.blogspot.com).

I only mention products in blog posts that I actually use and I try and mention the good and the bad. While I do have affiliate links to most products, I want readers to be informed before they make a purchase. I don't accept products for review and while I do mention my newsletter and webinars in the blog, I don't run any promotions in blog posts for other services or products.

Consequently, I appreciate those who share information about this blog with others. I try and provide practical research suggestions and advice from real problems.