01 December 2012

An 1849 Newspaper Provides a Marriage Clue

Date: Wednesday, January 10, 1849  

Paper: Rockford Forum (Rockford, IL)

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This entry from the 10 January 1849 issue of the Rockford Forum provided information on the marriage of Asa Landon and Mrs.Mary Sargent. Newspaper records of marriages are extremely helpful in "burned" counties where original records have been destroyed. They may also provide details about the marriage not given in the local records. This reference does indicate that Asa and Mary were married in the Prairie Precinct. The marriage record provides no specific location, only indicating that the marriage took place within the county.

Never know where clues may be found. An 1850 article indicates that Landon was living in the "Canada district" of the county and working as a teacher.