22 December 2012

Can You Find Laura Ingalls Wilder's Signature Online?

Not counting signed copies of her books (it's my contest, so my rules), can anyone find a signature of American author Laura Ingalls Wilder online? This means no images from first editions being sold on Ebay, etc.

There has to be some evidence on the item that it actually is Laura Ingalls Wilder's signature. You can't scribble out her name, scan it, post it on your own blog, and claim it. You can't say it's her signature  simply because you "found" the image on a webpage. This is a genealogy blog--there needs to be provenance.

There's no prize.

I found one a few minutes ago and wonder if there are any others out there. The one I found is the "real deal" and was not a book signing signature.

Feel free to comment in the comments if you've found it. We'll have an update it submissions warrant.


Randy Seaver said...


Randy Seaver said...



Bubba said...

Randy--I didn't think it would be that easy. I did find one that had nothing at all to do with her writing. That's the one I was hoping someone else would find.

I should have broadened my restrictions to not include fan letters (grin!).

Jill said...


Bubba said...

Jill--Thanks for your submission. The Secretary of State's office probably has the "real deal," but there's no hint as to where they actually obtained it.

Interestingly enough, there's a copy of Wilder's signature buried on the MO Secretary of State's Office website that's absolutely got to be hers that a reader found--we'll be blogging about it later today.

And a BIG THANKS to all who sent submissions, either as comments or in private emails!