05 December 2012

Ancestry.com "Helps" You Survive the Holidays?

Warning: This post contains opinions with which you may not agree. 

 Ancestry.com  posted an image to their site promoting a "holiday survival guide." The image contained two drink recipes. 

Am I the only who finds it ironic that the company committed to helping families "connect...across distance and time," "breaking down barriers between individuals and their living families," and "helping people stay in touch with loved ones" suggests that alcohol is one way in which to do that? Those quotes come from their corporate webpage

I'm not necessarily opposed to drinking, but I am opposed to suggesting that it is a way to get through the holidays. 

And while I realize that some enjoy the moderate use of alcohol, I dare say that the overuse of it has been the cause of a great deal of family heartache, scandal, and financial woes--not to mention a few brick walls. 

I guess I come from a little different perspective. After my paternal Grandmother's funeral, someone suggested to my father that a "shot of whiskey" might help. Dad's only reply was that "alcohol never solved anyone's problems."

Seems to me that  Ancestry.com  could use the holidays to market themselves in a slightly different fashion besides suggesting that drinking is a good way to handle those new found living relatives.