13 April 2012

Wilma's Born in Jefferson County-How Is That?

I will admit that I have not seen the original record. However, this index entry really confuses me.

It indicates that this 1893 birth indicates a place of birth of "Hancock, Harmony, Jefferson, Illinois."

If one looks at the source file, it indicates a roll of microfilm of Hancock County, Illinois, birth certificates. How can entries from Hancock County, Illinois, get classified as being in Jefferson County?
Knowing something about this family ("Tony" who  is actually Tonjes is my great-great-grandfather's brother), my guess is that this child was actually born in Harmony Township, Hancock County, Illinois. I'm not certain where the Jefferson came from--perhaps there is something on the original record. However what doesn't make sense is if the records are from Hancock County, how can this record get classified as being from Jefferson County?

I can see how if the handwriting is difficult to read that Tony could be made out from Tonjes.

And Wilma? In 1893? Admittedly I haven't seen the certificate, but I'm going to say that it's probably Wilhelmina. The Goldensteins were pretty repetitive of their names and Wilma wasn't one used until after the World War I era.

Maybe I'll have to have someone pull the record to see what it actually says. Now I'm more than a little curious and I'm hoping I'm wrong about what might be on the original record.

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