25 April 2012

Nothing Here to See--Move Along

I'd probably have a lot more traffic and followers on this site if I:

  • Wrote about every new website, book, blog, etc. that came out.
  • Commented on every new trend in genealogy.
  • Did what other popular genealogy blogs do.
  • Looked at my blog statistics and really gave a care.
That's not going to happen.  I only write about my own research and the ancestors of my children. While there are ads on this site, I gave up the notion of making any "real" money on this site years ago. I don't want to change the site in ways I think I would have to in order to really make money. 

Unless you are distantly related to me, your family is not going to mentioned on this blog. I haven't taken clients in over 25 years and I have no intention of doing so now. While I do voice opinion, it's likely on things that are personally frustrating me at the time the piece is written--not my unique spin on something everyone else is writing about at the same point in time. Except for the 1940 census items, I'm not overly concerned with being timely. I'm too involved in my own research and projects to comment on something I'm not using or working on.

Some ideas may even be incomplete. I've got some thoughts on evidence, citations, and the ways that we define things in genealogy that I'm still working out.  I also have a few ideas about "professional" genealogy as well--whatever that really means. 

However you probably won't see the press releases here that other sites may use--I'm not trying to get the "latest" genealogy story. I'm not running a genealogy new site. And I like content to be original and fresh....

I also think that much of the "hurry" in genealogy is artificial and contrived and really only serves to market something. Haste makes waste. But that's just my opinion.Maybe I'm a little cynical. 

See? There wasn't too much to this post. 

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