02 April 2012

Cecil and Ida Neill in the 1940 Census

This is part of the 1940 census enumeration for my paternal grandparents, Cecil and Ida Neill. They were living in Prairie Township.

Grandma gave the information and she indicated that they were living there on 1 April 1935 as well. That's not right, but we'll let Grandma by with it. They were married on 17 December 1935 and did not move to north of Carthage until after Roger was born. They're probably lucky Grandma even answered the questions. Grandpa was not 35, he would have been 36. Grandma was 29 at the time of the census--her birth date was in September of 1910. The census asked for age at last birthday.

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1940 U. S. Census, Illinois, Hancock County, Prairie Township, ED 34-29, Sheet 3A, lines 42-44, Cecil R. Neill household; digital image, National Archives (http://www.nara.gov : accessed 2 April 2012). That's not quite perfect Evidence Explained form, but I'll clean them up later.