03 April 2012

Ola and Anna Lake in 1940

This is part of the 1940 census enumeration for my wife's grandparents in 1940--Ola and Ann Lake in Marceline, Linn County, Missouri. They were renting a home at 229 Lake Street (ironically) for $8 a month. Ann gave the information as indicated by the mark after her name. The first five people in the household were living in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, in 1935. Charles and Mary Ann are listed as the same age--but they are not twins. Ola and Ann went to the 8th grade, which is about what I thought was likely. Ola's occupation is listed as a coal digger in the coal mines, which is consistent with family tradition. Nancy's age of 7/12 is correct.

And so are the ages of the other children. The couple had:

  • Two 7 year olds
  • One 5 year old
  • One 4 year old
  • One 2 year old
  • One 1 year old
  • One under a year--7/12
I won't give away the dates of birth as some are still living, but I will say that the ages are correct and there are no twins. Don't always the census is incorrect.

Ann's age is always something of a debate. This would mean that she was born in 1912/1913, which (off the top of my head) is consistent with other records.


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1940 U. S. Census, Missouri, Linn County,City of Marceline, ED 58-23, Sheet 6A, household 124, Olie Lake; digital image, National Archives (http://www.nara.gov : accessed 3 April 2012). That's not quite perfect Evidence Explained form, but I'll clean them up later.

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