02 April 2012

CNN Just Can't Get Anything Right....

Like other major news outlets, CNN is talking about the 1940 census. Problem is that somehow they've gotten a few details incorrect or else I'm overlooking something.

A quote from the article:

"In an era when households consisted of multiple generations of families, the records include names, ages and occupations of everyone in the home, she said. The 1940 Census also marked the first time people were asked detailed questions about their homes and whether they had a radio, “flush toilets,” electricity or running water."

I certainly didn't see those questions on the 1940 census record I downloaded this morning (see below) and I certainly didn't see them on the list of 1940 census questions listed on the NARA site or the IPUMS site.

1940 Census page below--click to enlarge--I'm not certain if the Habbens had an indoor toilet or not. They were on the "hard road" and might have had electricity by 1940--but I don't see that on here either. The Habbens did have a radio--but that was on the 1930 census---not the 1940.

I hope I'm overlooking something---I'm curious about those flush toilets...
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