05 April 2012

Reading the Whole Enumeration District Works for Urban People Also

I found Henry and Caroline Mortier in Rock Island's 1940 census. I had such a time finding their daughter, Grace Johnson and her husband, that I didn't pay any real attention to their addresses. Turns out they were in the same enumeration district in Rock Island in 1940, 81-85.

Mortier had worked for 52 weeks in 1929 and made $1560 as a bus driver. The family was enumerated at 1207 19th Street. Son Arthur provided the information on his parents' enumeration.

The enumeration makes a good point of being familiar with the area and using maps. I could have saved myself a little time if I had looked for the Mortiers at the same time I looked for the Johnsons.

Both families are enumerated in the district show in green on the following map:

Google tells me the homes are one-tenth of a mile from one another. A is the 1715 13th Avenue address (the Johnsons--the Mortiers' daughter) and B is the 1207 19th Street address (the Mortiers' address).

Next time I'll be just a little more organized and also remember that "city-dwellers" can live near relatives as well.

Henry and Caroline (Freund) Mortier are my children's great-great-grandparents. They are listed on sheet 5A in enumeration district 81-85 in the City of Rock Island, Illinois, in 1940.