22 April 2012

A Simple Chart and I'm the Source for an Early 19th Century Birth

I'm a big fan of charts in genealogy research. I'm not a big fan of fancy charts with graphics, "artsy" fonts, and all the artistic things. That's just me. I use charts to help me in my research and that's it.

This is a really simple chart that was used in the last issue of Casefile Clues where we worked to find a couple's 1840 census enumeration. Our search for them was put on hold until all post-1840 records had been analyzed and charts had been made to assist me in determining the person's probable year(s) of birth.

I concluded that Rebecca was born between 1817 and 1820, approximately. That is the "year of birth" she has in my database. Not one record indicates that range of years. So what is my source? My analysis is. I realize that there are those who don't believe in using "themselves" as the source, but in many cases I simply don't have one record that "proves" anything and I often, after conducting an "exhaustive" search, reach a conclusion that is not specifically stated by any one document. Consequently I don't have one document to cite. In many cases, we don't have one document to cite.

In the notes and text for the source of this birth, I include my analysis and what records were used. I'm working on how to create a citation for my analysis that is in the spirit of Evidence Explained and accurately reflects what was done.

Stay tuned--we'll have an update. Suggestions are welcomed.

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