06 April 2012

Joseph and Eva Johnson--Another City 1940 Census Find

I'm still working on locating all my children's ancestors in the 1940 census. In this post, we look at another family from the Rock Island, Illinois, area.
1940 Rock Island City Directory, Rock Island Illinois
After I realized that Joseph W. Johnson was alive in 1940  that made finding his wife (and him) much easier.I incorrectly thought he was dead by 1940--so much for not looking at my notes and relying on memory. I was unaware where the Johnsons were living in 1940 and used the 1940 directory for Rock Island (on Ancestry.com) in order to start my census search for them. The desired family is at the end of the image in this post--"Jos W (Eva M) lab h1122 1/2 6th av (RI)." I nearly thought the entry for John W., also with a wife Eva might be him listed incorrectly.

I've had some difficulty using Stephen Morse's website to get enumeration districts for Rock Island and so I just mapped out the directory address for the Johnsons on Google Maps and compared it to the enumeration district maps for Rock Island, Illinois, downloaded from the NARA 1940 census website.

Google Map showing location of 1112 6th Avenue, Rock Island
Enumeration district map showing approximate location of the Johnson residence.

Based upon the enumeration district map, the Johnson residence of 1940 should be in enumeration district 81-73. A search of the images for that district located the family whose entry is partially shown here:

It is  little difficult to read, but the address of 1122 1/2 6 Avenue can be seen. The Johnsons were renting the home for $15 a month.