13 April 2012

Hancock County, Illinois records in Illinois Birth Index at FamilySearch

This is a post that won't interest too many people--but I thought I'd put it out there.

FamilySearch announced an update on its Illinois 1824-1940. I'm not certain what is new and what was already in it, but I did notice entries from the Hancock County, Illinois birth records and the christening entries from the church records of the Bethany United Church of Christ in Tioga, Hancock County, Illinois.

I'm not certain how recent the entries go from the Hancock County birth records. The birth entries appear to be from the birth register and the actual birth certificates--you can use the film number and search the catalog for the film number to determine that for yourself. I saw entries from Hancock County as recently as 1895--but that year could be later as I was only for searching for families of interest. The birth certificates/register starts in 1877. And I couldn't quickly find four of my great-grandparents who were born in Hancock County between 1883 and 1895 and who I know have birth certificates. So, I'm not certain how recent the index goes for Hancock County.

I'm not certain how recently the entries for the Tioga church go either--at least in the index. I found entries for my Trautvetter family from 1869 through 1888. The baptismal entries go a little earlier than 1869, but I'm not certain how much earlier as that's the earliest family member I have baptized there. I know the church records on film go much later than 1888, but I'm not certain how far the indexing went.