13 July 2013

What Does Updated Mean for the Census At FamilySearch?

The following items are showing as "updated" on FamilySearch as of 12 July:

What I do not understand is "how" these have been updated. These databases have been online at FamilySearch for some time, complete with images. Are the images better images? Have there been alterations to the index? 

Without knowing "how" these items have been updated, it is difficult for me to know whether or not they should be searched. Should I revisit the indexes for my "missing' 1930 and 1920 people? Should I revisit the images that I have for 1920 and 1930? 

I do not know.

Two final comments:
  • FamilySearch is free, so there's no way we can show our frustration with our pocketbook--and I do appreciate the vast amount of material they have. I just  wish I knew exactly what the update entailed.
  • Vague update announcements such as these is another reason why access date for digital materials should be included as a part of your source citation.