03 July 2013

Half of Webinar Sales Donated to Cyndislist

I've known Cyndi Howells of Cyndislist fame since she was one page and I can't be outdone by Thomas MacEntee at Geneabloggers, who has offered a freebie to those who donate to Cyndislist.

So we're giving half of all webinar sales from now until 7 July 2013 to Cyndislist. Our prices are reasonable as it is--the highest price we have is $8.50 and several are lower than that. There's over thirty topics to choose from.

That's right--half!

Cyndi does not charge to use her site which has been free since it first went up over 17 years ago. Her site currently has over 320,000 genealogy links. Cyndislist is a one-woman show--just like here (except I'm not a woman). There is no office full of support staff unless you count her dogs and Cyndi recently invested in a major upgrade of her site. 

So that Thomas doesn't feel alone, we've put this offer on our site. After all, he did include that challenge in his post.

You must use this list to create your purchase order in order for us to track the sales. 

The webinar page to view to credit Cyndist list with any purchase is this one. Clicking on that link will "tag" your order so we know to credit her properly. Any sales made from this page will be credited to the Cyndislist account and half of the purchase price will be donated to Cyndislist. A win-win situation, improve your research skills and help Cyndislist at the same time.


This page is http://rootdig.blogspot.com/2013/07/half-of-webinar-sales-donated-to.html