26 July 2013

A Nice Stitching Job on the Ufkes Brothers Picture

This image has been optimized for web display, but the original scan was done at 600 dots per inch. It was on my  Flip-Pal  by creating two separate scans and stitching them together. I don't think the "seam" is visible at all--the "light" areas on the back are also present in my original. The scans have not been altered except to be stitched together. It's my last "practice" attempt before an actual trip to scan photographs tomorrow. It is always good to practice and know how use the equipment.

This photograph is of the seven Ufkes brothers--sons of Johann and Noentjelena (Grass) Ufkes. Based upon the ages, it was probably taken in the 1910s--most likely somewhere in Hancock County, Illinois, where the family was living. I am fortunate enough to have one of the originals of this photograph obtained from my grandfather John H. Ufkes, whose father is shown in the picture. I'll have to update this with a list of who is who in the picture--although it's been published several times with individuals identified.

We'll have a longer post with my suggestions for using the  Flip-Pal , including a few minor things to keep in mind and watch out for. But I have been very pleased with the performance of this little piece of equipment.

No more picture posts for a while!

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