17 July 2013

The SPT Test At Ancestry.com

[if you're not an Ancestry.com fan, just ignore this post]

It must really be a "test" at  Ancestry.com  today. There's a "new record" showing as of 7:25 PM central time on 17 July 2013--the "SPT Test 2." It looks like something just slipped in and someone at Ancestry.com jumped the gun just a little bit. 

There is a search box for the "SPT Test 2"

And Ancestry.com indicates that the database is a "Beta mode testing for new features." 

 I'm not certain what it is, but as of my testing there were no Smiths in it.

Must not be in English then !

All screen shots were current as of 7:25 PM Central time 17 July 2013.