15 July 2013

Initials and No Names in Hawaii

One never knows where a reference to a relative will be located, as this item from The Hawaiian Star in 1901 indicates. 

The person of interest is George Drollette and in 1901 he was travelling with United States Minister to China Conger. Drollette is mentioned at the very end of the article as being Conger's secretary. 

The Hawaiian Star, July 24, 1901, Page 3; digital image, Library of Congress (http://www.loc.gov)
Two quick points about this piece--don't tie yourself too closely to geography when searching newspapers and remember that first names may not be included in all references to your person of interest. Drollette is only listed with his initials and Conger's first name is never mentioned at all and the name of Conger's son is also omitted.