25 July 2013

My Partially Identified Picture from West Point, Illinois

[updated on 27 July 2013 with names--see bottom of post]

Neill Sibling Portrait--taken before 1948. Charles T. Neill on far left. Sarah (Neill) Rampley in center. Others are siblings of Charlie and Sarah. Probably taken at park in West Point, Hancock County, Illinois.
I confess.I have pictures that are unidentified. This is one of them and one that I hope to figure out.

I've been playing with my  Flip-Pal and this is one of the photographs that I had in my office at work. I know I asked my great aunt, Nellie (Neill) Shanks to identify the people for me in this picture before she passed away in 2001. I'm hoping that somewhere I have another copy of this picture that contains the names because the copy I used to make this scan does not.

All I can remember specifically is that the man on far left is Charles (Charlie) Neill, my great-grandfather and that's because after I was told who he was I remember thinking that "I can see my dad (Charlie's grandson) in his face." The woman in the middle was Aunt Sarah. The only other detail I can remember from Aunt Nellie is that she was surprised that her Dad (Charlie) was seated to the man on his left as they didn't get along at all.

We mentioned this on Genealogy Tip of the Day, but it bears repeating here--if you have unidentified pictures and you can find out who those people are, do it and do it soon.

The only reason I know the picture was taken before 1948 is that Charlie Neill died in February of 1948 and this picture obviously was not taken in January or February of 1948 in Illinois.

[update 27 July 2013--My dad's first cousin had a copy of this same picture that was owned by a daughter of Charlie Neill. On the back of her copy was written: "Dad, Unc. Will, Aunt Sarah, Unc. Sam, Unc. Ed." This would mean that the people shown in the picture, from left to right, are Charles Neill, William Neill, Sarah (Neill) Rampley, Samuel Neill, and Edward Neill. All were children of Samuel and Annie (Murphy) Neill.]