25 July 2013

My First Flip-Pal Stitching Attempt

Note: All images on this blog post are (c) 2013 by Michael John Neill--using them on your own site without permission is 1) theft; 2) dishonest; 3) lazy; and 4) admitting that you are related to the Trautvetter family and to me--I'd think twice about doing that!

This is a photograph of the certificate (in the frame) that I decided I would use as my first attempt at "stitching" with my  Flip-Pal . Keep in mind that I'm not an expert yet. This photograph was taken by my daughter Katherine with her cellphone camera. It's not the best picture, but gives an idea of the entire certificate--and the crease and tear that are a part of it.

The Flip-Pal is not big enough to scan the entire image, so I took several scans of it. The four images below are ones I took of the left hand side of the document--they are sideways in this blog post.

There were four more images from the right hand side which I'm not including in this blog post in the interest of space.

Using the "stitching" program that comes with the  Flip-Pal ,  I simply "chose" the eight images after opening the software and the software automatically merged the images together, with this result:

The black squares are due to operator-error, not the  Flip-Pal  scanner or the software. The one in the upper right hand corner is because I did not place the scanner in the extreme upper right corner when I did my initial scan of that region and ones in the bottom corners are because my final scan was only of the seal.

I had difficulty getting the "edges" of the certificate because it was in a frame and I rotated the scanner for the scan of the seal so that I could get more of it. It is very easy to accidentally hit the scan button accidentally when using the scaner.

I'll continue practicing, but this is really easy to use. The stitching is automatic and the software comes right with the scanner. The cover of the scanner comes off and it is used upside down when making scans of items this size that have to be stitched together.

Note: I am an affiliate of the  Flip-Pal  manufacturer. However, I am not compensated for any review other than readers who choose to make purchases through affiliate links on my site---and my  Flip-Pal  and bag were not provided to me by the company.