11 July 2013

More Ancestry.com Suggestions

I never received any type of response from Ancestry.com in response to my post "What I Want on Ancestry.com," but I didn't really expect to. Two other ideas came to mind while reading through some of the responses to my initial posting. There's no doubt some researchers do these things manually, but if Ancestry.com wants to be more "user-friendly" and "enhance my user experience" these would be nice additional features.

More Than One Shoebox

It would be nice to have more than one shoebox in which to "dump" records or items that I find on Ancestry.com. The reality is that most researchers do at least a little "jumping around" while using Ancestry.com. Even if working on just one family, it would be nice to be able to put material into different shoeboxes. Sometimes I do not want to "tie" a record to a person if I'm not quite certain I have the right person. Unconnecting them later can easily be forgotten.

A "Could Be Pile"

I would like some way to "tag" a record as it "could be" John Smith without actually tying the record to my actual John Smith in my database. It would be nice to have a way to quickly pull up my "potential John Smiths" within Ancestry.com. I really have no preference for how this is implemented but don't see a similar feature as of the time this blog post is being written.

I'll list more as I think of them. Ancestry.com is probably not listening, but that's ok. If they don't there's always the chance another company or organization will. Sometimes I think is Ancestry.com more focused on gathering than it is on research. But that may simply be a response to the market.


Anonymous said...

For the $150-$250 each of us pays for membership each year, you would think they would listen.

Jillian said...

You would think for the $150-$250 annually we each pay them, they'd listen to us.

Jillian said...
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Bubba said...

The problem is that we keep subscribing (grin!).

In full and complete disclosure, I am an Ancestry.com affiliate. However, I do pay for my own subscription--it is not a complimentary subscription.

And as some of you know, my Ancestry.com posts are always based upon my opinion--never an Ancestry.com press release. While I will mention things about the site that I like, I do not back away from stating things that I find frustrating or aggravating about the site and the interface.

Jillian said...

Sorry about the multiple postings of the same comment. The simple technology was too complicated for me, and I couldn't (or didn't) read the sentence that said it had posted.

I have to keep subscribing! And that's how they getcha! :)