12 July 2013

I'm Getting A Flip-Pal

I have finally decided to purchase a  Flip-Pal  for my own personal use.  We will be occasionally blogging about my use of the scanner as well as my opinion about how it works and what my experience with it is.

I've decided to use it simply for its portability. I have one relative who has pictures of relatives that I do not have that I'm hoping to scan. My mother also has some pictures that I would like to scan as well, although she does have a scanner with her computer. The sooner I scan these materials, the better.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of the company that sells the  Flip-Pal --full disclosure here--so I will make small commission on sales you make if you click on  Flip-Pal  links on my site. However, posts will not be glorified ads for the  Flip-Pal  as those sorts of posts irritate me and I'm certain irritate readers as well. The intent is to allow readers to see how I'm using it and how it works for me. There will be no "copied and pasted" press-releases or company-created promotional as a part of any blog posts. 

Time Moves On

I am in the boat that I am assuming readers are. I have materials that have not been converted to digital format and the longer I wait to do that, the greater the chance something happens to the items and they are gone forever. I encourage readers to convert materials they have to digital format--whether you use the equipment I do or you use something else. Just do it.

And new images always make good fodder for post topics. 

Stay Tuned!