31 August 2012

An 1848 Obituary for George C. Liddle

It is not often in the course of my own research I encounter an obituary from the early 1840s. But there is one in a Philadelphia newspaper for a George C. Liddle who appears to have been the paternal grandfather of Charles Allen Liddle, who has been mentioned earlier on this blog.

Philadelphia Public Ledger, 25 September 1848, p. 2. Obtained  on Genealogybank
Apparently Capt. George C. Liddle died in Kingston, New Jersey, on 22 September 1848. His residence must have been in Kaighn's Point, New Jersey, right across the river from Philadelphia.

I'll be honest, I was not exactly certain what the location was in New Jersey and a Google search helped me to locate it.

It looks like two of George's children were sent to a school for orphans in Philadelphia. Stay tuned.