20 August 2012

Why Did Tjede Fly From Moline?

This is part of the 1940 census enumeration for Tjede Ehmen. The location answers why she flew from Moline, Illinois, to Washington State to see her daughter later that year--as evidenced by the newspaper item located on  Genealogybank. She was living in Rock Island with her daughter and her family.

The Staaks lived at 1822 13th Street in Rock Island at the time of this enumeration. Tjede is listed as an 87-year old German native with an 8th grade education. Henry F. Staack's educational level is listed as "C-6" and his occupation is listed as a teacher in a "private college." 

Too bad the employer is not listed. However, it was not too difficult for me to guess who that employer was given the family's residence and their likely denomination. We'll save more about Henry Staack for a future post.