09 August 2012

Webinar on the American Revolution at Fold3.com

We recently completed the webinar on American Revolutionary War materials on Fold3.com.

Our discussion concentrated on what items from the Revolutionary War era were on Fold3.com and how to search those materials. The presentation was approximately 45 minutes in length. A short handout was also included. 

We are taking pre-orders for the recording and the handout. The presentation was too long for our normal distribution system, but we've got a solution worked out. 

The presentation is geared toward those who have not utilized these materials on Fold3.com and aren't all that familiar with how to interact with the search and navigational system of Fold3--both are discussed in addition to the records. 

You can order the recording and handout for only $4 securely via this link. The normal price is $8.50--the $4 price is good while the link is still active--now through 9 May 2013.

Order confirmation is immediate. 

Download links are sent manually--please wait 24 hours for delivery. Thanks!