30 August 2012

31 August Webinar Discounts

Join me for my 31 August 2012 webinars!

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Crossing the Pond-Part II--$4.25

12 Noon--Central Time 31 August 2012

This webinar will discuss reading, interpreting, and using passenger lists between 1820 and 1920. This session will not discuss search techniques of online databases, but will cover where to go once the manifest has been located, making certain you have the correct family and getting the most from what the manifest says. 

Understanding What’s On FamilySearch: Do Multiple Databases with Similar Titles Confuse You?--$4.25

2:00 PM Central Time--31 August 2012

This presentation will focus on American databases on FamilySearch.org. Do you know what you are really searching when you search a FamilySearch database? Do you understand the difference between three databases with similar titles that cover “the same thing?” We will look at several examples during this presentation and provide a general framework for determining (when you can) what a database really is.