22 August 2012

Newspaper Mentions an 1876 Deed

My continuing search for Ehmen references in various newspapers "Ehmen" Genealogybank turned up a most interesting reference in a Quincy, Illinois, newspaper from 1876--Quincy [Illinois]Whig--3 January 1876, page 6.

"Schantzi Ehmen to Jurgen T. Ehmen, lot 2, block 8, Keokuk Junction  400"

Further research is warranted, but this deed reference probably is actually referring to Schwantje Ehmen and her son Jurgen Tonjes Ehmen. Jurgen Tonjes Ehmen is a brother-in-law to the Tjede Ehmen we've been discussing in other posts.

Hopefully I'll have time to follow up on this reference. It is interesting because I'd like to know how Schwantje obtained the property and when Jurgen sold it. By this time Schwante's husband is deceased and I'm curious whether he purchased it and she inherited it from him or whether she somehow acquired it herself. Further research is warranted. 

Schwantje's husband, Tonjes Jurgen Ehmen (1805-1864) is a brother to Johann Luken Jurgens Ehmen Goldenstein, my third great-grandfather. Why they have different last names (they are full brothers) is a story for another post. 

Newspapers can easily provide references to a variety of items--not just births, marriages, and deaths. This deed may provide some information of which I was not previously aware. 

This reference was located on  Genealogybank