21 August 2012

Staack Teaches at Augustana

Ancestry.com's yearbook collection answered the question of what brought Tjede Ehmen (via her son-in-law Henry Staack) to the Rock Island-Moline, Illinois area: Staack was on the faculty of Augustana College.

Henry F. Staack from the 1944 Augustana College yearbook. No page number, but this image was obtained on Ancestry.com and  is indicated as image 28 of 170.
Staack's picture appears in the 1944 Augustana College yearbook on  Ancestry.com as shown above. Yearbooks can answer all kinds of questions--and not just ones about students.

I'm not certain how much more I'll research Staack--he's the husband of a second cousin of my great-grandfather, but there have been a few interesting lessons and reminders in tracking down Tjede.