23 August 2012

A Newsletter Reader Comment

DM sent me the following unsolicited email the other day. 


Thanks.  Normally, I hate reading published case studies.  Most of the pros recommend reading NGSQ or NEHGS journals but truthfully, most of those are written in such a boring way that I lose my attention span very quickly.  I have stacks of unread issues.  I love the way you write Casefile Clues.  They are interesting, never boring, & I’ve learned a lot from you.

Thanks for those positive comments--I really appreciate them!

[addition--Readers should note that I'm not saying the NGSQ or the NEHGS is "boring" and that my publishing this comment (unedited) was merely done to let blog readers know that we do have fans of the newsletter.]

There is more about Casefile Clues here.